Bureau Vanaf 2

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Timtim (EN)

Simone de Jong

A surrealistic journey of two carpenters.

Timtim is a musical, physical theatre play about two carpenters. They build a lot of things and they rebuild a lot of times. Their world is never finished and they can always make it better, prettier or different.  The two friends, Tim and Willie, both agree on this.

However, Tim is unable to stop carpenting. And Willie would much rather protect their home they worked so hard on. Their house starts to slowly succumb under the reconstructions, it starts to change. Until dreams and reality start fading into each other in the wonderful world of Timtim.

About Simone de Jong
Coming from musical theatre and modern mime, the performances of Simone de Jong are about sound and imagination and are always addressing the senses, in a secretive way. In July 2016 her children’s book ‘Het geheim van meneer Hartjes’ was published. After ‘Eiland’, this is her second performance for children. She previously worked at Orkater and Het Hoofd as performer, director and writer.

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  • Genre: Physical Theatre
  • Age: 2+
  • Running time: 40 minutes
  • Playing surface: 6 x 7 meter
  • Spectators (theatre): max. 100
  • Locations: theatres and other locations in consultation
  • Performers: Toon Kuijpers en Niels Kuiters
  • Direction and concept: Simone de Jong
  • Set design: Erik Begemann
  • Music: Niels Kuiters
  • Costumes: Elian Smits