Bureau Vanaf 2

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

The Coloring Party


‘A musical drawing adventure’

While drawing on a large sheet of paper on the floor, the artists invite the audience to join the big drawing adventure. While the singer/guitarist sings beautiful songs from the history of pop music, a great work of art is created to which children (and parents) contribute in their own way. Everyone is welcome even if it is just to lie between the colors.

Calling card
Give the Color Party a place in your programming where many people meet. For example in the foyer or close to the catering facilities. This way busy areas can still feel relaxed. Children lying down to draw and parents who participate or sit around with a drink. A colorful calling card at the entrance.

Also very suitable at festivals where this is the time to relax. The Color Festival is often asked back and is always different.

‘On the floor of the hall in the theater where I have come to play dozens of children lie on a large sheet of paper, drawing and coloring. A guitarist softly sings a Beatle song and parents are sitting just around it and enjoying it. A magical scene, an island where I would also like to cast anchor for a while.’
Frank Groothof – Theatermaker

‘The coloring party is an enrichment of your program.’
Vondelpark Openluchttheater – Ellis van de Giessen – Head programming

‘I have never met anyone who did not enjoy The Color Party.’
De Doelen – Miriam Duiker – Programmer children’s concerts

About the artists

José Vingerling

Artist with a fascination for color. Gives children the space to follow their crayons, to discover and to learn from each other.

Maarten Teekens

Singer / guitarist with a predilection for old-fashioned beautiful songs. The Beatles are the main theme. With his fine voice, Maarten always creates a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere.

Gerard de Bruyne
A draftsman with a lot of experience, gained in the theater. Always looking for opportunities to bring drawing very close to the public. And … he can draw upside down!


Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam


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  • Genre: Art and music
  • Running Time: Several times during day, e.g. 2 x 45 minutes.
  • Age: 2+
  • Spectators: in consultation
  • Location: anywhere
  • Playing surface: 4 x 5 meter
  • Performance: Gerard de Bruyne, José Vingerling and Maarten Tekens (musician)