Bureau Vanaf 2

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Pim Pam Purple

Theaterstraat | Meboer & Bakker

Pim Pam Purple is a comical, musical performance in which you imagine yourself in a living painting, filled with bright colors and dancing shapes..

Ppprrrrrssssssssttttt…..” A large yellow square appears and bounces happily around. “Plop”, a smaller blue circle appears and makes a crazy dance around the yellow square. And: “Wooooooiiii”, a red triangle, 2 orange stripes and 5 green rectangles also show up at this celebration of colors and shapes. Slowly all find the right spot and together they create a beautiful landscape in all colors of the rainbow.

In the end the children are invited to join the actors onstage into this wonderful world. Like small artists they can create and play by themselves.

This performance is with no words.

Meet the cast
Theaterstraat | Meboer & Bakker create comical performances in which they use theatre to make abstract modern art more accessible for children. They do this through their strong visual, physical, humouristic style of acting, beautifully designed costumes and scenery and with original music compositions.

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  • Genre: physical theatre
  • Age: 2-5 years old
  • Running Time: 35 minutes + 15 minutes playing time for the audience
  • Performance and concept: Suzanne Bakker and Rianne Meboer
  • Advisory directors: Paul van der Laan and Tjebbe Roelofs
  • Adviser for set design: Calle de Hoog
  • Adviser for music composition: Jolle Roelofs