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Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

If You’re Happy (And You Know It)

Ageeth de Haan

Ageeth de Haan If You’re Happy (And You Know It)

A Sing-along concert featuring favourite English children’s songs

Learning English the fun way!

Ageeth will sing some of the most enjoyable English-language children’s songs, such as Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes. The whole audience is invited to sing along, and children will learn new English words while having fun. The concert is full of sing-alongs, songs to listen to, and fun games with language. Ageeth’s clear and fluent way of speaking English provides an excellent example for children learning the language. Ageeth will be accompanied by Frans Groen on guitar.

This sing-along concert of songs is based on the book and CD titled If You See a Crocodile, featuring 25 favourite English children’s songs sung by Ageeth de Haan. The concert is suitable for theatres, schools, libraries and other locations, both indoors and out.

The earlier, the better!

‘The earlier children start learning English, the better,’ according to many education experts. More and more primary schools have begun taking this advice seriously. Learning English stimulates the development of a feeling for language and raises awareness of other cultures. What could be more fun than learning English through songs?

About Ageeth de Haan
Singer/songwriter Ageeth de Haan creates exciting music-theatre performances for children aged 2 and up, and their families. She studied at both a conservatory of music and the Amsterdam Academy of Contemporary Music Theatre, where she quickly discovered her passion for creating music and theatre performances for families with young children. Her work features a mixture of cabaret, pop and jazz, and manages to touch the hearts of young and old. Ageeth uses a variety of musical styles to communicate her message. Her voice and engaging personality help guarantee a magical atmosphere. Experience is at the heart of all her lyrics and music. Ageeth has a unique ability to see the world through the eyes of a child, so her shows are filled with many poetic, funny and moving moments. Ageeth’s performances are a fabulous experience for the entire family: everyone has fun, participates and goes home wearing a big smile.

Ageeth de Haan has released 13 CDs, and she regularly appears in concert halls, theatres, festivals and schools in the Netherlands and Belgium. She also performed in France and China. Ageeth is an ambassador of the WNF-Rangers, the Dutch branch of the WWF.

Listen to her songs on Youtube, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter and Facebook:

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  • Genre: music theatre / sing-along concert
  • Ages: 4 years and older. (In primary schools/special education: ages 4-8)
  • Running Time: 50 minutes
  • Size of performance area: a minimum of 4 metres by 4 metres
  • Period: throughout the entire year
  • Locations: theatres, schools, and other locations (in and outdoor)
  • Performer: Ageeth de Haan
  • Guitar: Frans Groen
  • Director: Hans Thissen
  • Stage setting: Bartel Meyburg
  • Lesson materials will be available soon
  • Songs from the CD book If You See a Crocodile by Ageeth de Haan, illustrated by Geertje Aalders (published by Gottmer)