Bureau Vanaf 2

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Hét boekingsbureau voor theater voor peuters, kleuters en hun ouders!

Toddler Theatre

Bureau Vanaf2 can be literally translated into ‘Agency From 2 and up’. Part of our theatre offer is suitable for playing abroad. Especially the (almost) wordless performances mentioned in the table below are suitable for non-Dutch speakers.

Check out our Youtube Channel for some Toddler Theatre videos.

Short History
In 1998 Vanaf2 started behind a desk in Amsterdam-Noord, with one telephone and a second-hand computer. Nowadays, Bureau Vanaf2 is the market leader in the field of Toddler Theatre in the Netherlands. More competent than ever we are ready for you with a wide range of youth programming for a theatre, festival, school, library or recreation park near you!

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Show Group Genre Age
An Egg with a tail Ila van der Pouw Puppet Theatre 4+
The Robbers Meneer Monster Physical Theatre 4+
The Gruffalo Meneer Monster Physical Theatre 3+
The Story of Little Mole… Meneer Monster Physical Theatre 2+
Tummy Tom’s Colorful Life 2-ater Productions Physical Theatre 2+
If you’re happy (and you know it) Ageeth de Haan Musical Theatre 4+
Yellow Mime Wave Musical & Physical Theatre 2+
SSST! ROSE stories / Studio Figur Physical & Puppet Theatre 2+
Pim Pam Purple Meboer & Bakker Physical Theatre 2+
Paper Doll De Grote Haay Puppet Theatre 3+
Hermit Simone de Jong Physical Theatre 2+
Timtim Simone de Jong Physical Theatre 2+
Little Whale Simone de Jong Theatre 2+
Goodbye Malou van Sluis Music Theatre 2+
In de Verte Malou van Sluis Theatre 2+
Tick Tock Sleep Sanne Zweije Physical Theatre 2+
Little Swanlake Cordua & Magnus Dance & Puppet Theatre 2+
Dirk’s Finest Dirk Scheele Musical Theatre 2+
The Coloring Party Color Collective Drawing & Music 2+
BinnenBuiten Laag bij de grond Installation 2+
Broemmm! Ellen Smets Physical Theatre 2+